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Here are a bunch of cheats you probably know, but for those who don't, take a peek.

First, the passwords that I'm not sure work... (given by random people)


* Pieru - Gives you all units.

* heal me - After typing this, click on a unit and it explodes.


Next, the passwords that I'm sure work...


* black sheep wall - Reveals the map

* power overwhelming - Activate/Deactivates God Mode

* war aint what it used to be - Gets rid of fog of war

* operation cwal - Activate/Deactivates instant building, opponent gets it too

* show me the money - Recieve 10,000 vespene gas and 10,000 gems

* whats mine is mine - Get 500 gems

* breathe deep - Get 500 vespene gas

* ophelia - Mission Warp: Type ophelia, then press enter. Then type the mission you want to warp to, for example: terran4 (or) zerg6 (or) protoss5

* stayin alive - Make your current mission never end

* game over man - Game over

* noglues - Opponent cannot use magic

* the gathering - unlimited magic

* medieval man - Free upgrades for everyone!!

* food for thought - Build units beyond your limit]

* modify the phase variance - Lets you build any building, without needing another one to get it

* there is no cow level - Skip the current level

* something for nothing - upgrades all your units one level when typed in; can go 3 times max. (Thanks J.G.)


I think thats about it, if you know one, inform me.

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