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This is a place where the levels you make that you think are the best are placed. This is a place where your levels are the best. This is the place where the best levels in the world are stored(It could happen). If you want your Starcraft levels and maps here, send them over. Otherwise, check out these levels made by people not getting paid for it. Look around. ***Remember the signs===> (M):Melee (MS):Map Settings (RPG):Role Playing Style (SPEC):Described in the text
What would you think of a Starcraft Tournament? It would just be for fun, and it would also be awhile from now, maybe a month. I'll make plans if this is a good idea!


Territory (256x256) (M) (by Seidule)
This week the map "Territory" has been chosen again, according to your votes on the Quizlet. This map is just an all around good map. Tell me if a different map should be added to the Quizlet and send your maps!
The total votes made on this quizlet will judge the Map of the Week. Please do not vote again and again, one after another. It's ok to vote each visit though.
This is a new message board, owned by this Site!! Click on the text if you have ANY questions and/or solutions to any problems about StarCraft map editing, StarCraft problems, or other problems with StarCraft. Also, you may comment on this site!

The maps made by fellow level creators.
Links to other great places on the net.
Cheats you may know or not...
If there is a reason you think you name is on here, or there is someone that SHOULD be on here, *click* it.
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If you are saying,"What is Starcraft?", you don't get out much. Not your fault, get the demo. (PS: Also a desktop theme!)
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After you're done here, Dominick's Starcraft Gateway this is your next stop!!


September 13, 1998

Now that more people are visiting this site, I needed to add some more stuff to it! Thanks to all of you that visit this site and send in the maps! You make the page. As soon as I get more stuff to add to this page, I'll do that, so check back often. Thanks again!


September 15, 1998

Hi again, If you have a great map, don't be afraid. Show it off! (Also, off the subject of Starcraft, anyone know any tricks to FF7 for the PS?) Don't forget to check out the BATTLE NET HATE LIST. Try to get MAP OF THE WEEK. (Also should I make it map of the month? It's difficult to keep up:) (PS. I also added a counter at the bottom; it's new)


September 20, 1998

Welcome again. I am now in the World 1000, so vote for this page! The World1000 button is located at the bottom. It doesn't work, I am aware of that. That page(W1000) is under construction(Just thought you might wanna know). Also, try out the new Quizlet, thanks to Beseen.Com. Hows the page music? If anyone has any STARCRAFT MIDIs, PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME!! I will start updating more often.


October 5, 1998

I know, its been awhile, but keep sending those letters! I have a problem... Someone voted over and over again. I know 'The Underdogs' is a great level to play with friends, but don't vote so much! Anyway, I need more maps! Please send them! Please make sure they are AWESOME! I've had times when people have sent 'not so great' maps. I'm not going to say who that is, but that person was not a bad person. He just made maps in which he thought were great. Ok, stop reading and send in and download some maps!

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