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Updated: 9/11/01

You are the th person to seek great levels.

(M) = Melee Map /
(MS) = Map Settings Map /
(RPG) = Role Playing /
(SPEC)= Special(described in text)
Just save 'em to: C:\Program Files\Starcraft\Maps (if yours is like mine)

Send in your maps!

Cola WARS!(256x256) (MS) (M) (by Seidule)
Cola Wars? Man, I was bored. Anyways, it's a 3 people vs 5 comps map, or just a non-map settings map. Has certain characters in there you should recognize!

Shining Garden (128x128) (M) (by Seidule)
Anyone remember C&C's Tiberium Garden? This is a revamp, done Starcraft Style! Has the five spots, lots of gems, several expansions, and one-way-in style. Makes for a long game!

Desert Storm (256x256) (MS) (by Rugruk)
You've probably heard the name before, but this is a trigger-map you play with 2 of your friends. The war gets really massive, but there are heros and quests to help you along the way. And don't forget the teleports to each other's bases!

Test of Tactics (128x128) (MS) (by Seidule)
In this map, you have 33 minutes to create an army. At the end of 33 minutes, everything but your war units die. You will then have 2 minutes to move to the center, where you will meet your fellow tacticians. What will you build? What will they build? Test this with your friends!

Territory With Triggers (256x256) (MS) (by Seidule)
Territory (256x256) (M) (by Seidule)
An eight player jungle hunt, good for a 4on4comp fight. Usually difficult. VERY detailed. Get it!! (Try the new Trigger Version!!)

Annihilation (256x256) (M) (by _Stryder)
An eight player jungle fight. Areas you start in usually have an advantage or two. Resources -a- Plenty. Get it now!

One Way In, Guard It! (192x192) (M) (by Seidule)
A seven player slaughter in space. Sorta basic, but still really good. Second map by Seidule.

Inferno (256x256) (MS) (by Aragorn2)
An ash world of triggers. Everything from incoming heros, to unexpected teleportations. Check dis out.

Island Conquer (256x256) (M) (by Seidule)
A fight for survival in this jungle of unoccupied islands. Not recommended to be played alone. Look for secret islands...

Platform War (128x128) (M) (by !DarkArchon!)
A four player island war in deep space. "Endless" resources. Great for a two on two game.

River Fork (256x256) (MS) (by Aragorn2)
You and your three allies must destroy the evil forces across the river. Heros will help you along your journey. play recommended. May be updated soon.

Desolate Wasteland (192x192) (M) (by Seidule)
An eight player quarrel throughout many canyons in a rock-filled wasteland. This badland battle is full of vespene and gems. Download it!

Moranda (256x256) (MS) (by Aragorn2)
A trio takes on the enemy trio in this vast Badland region. Nothin fancy, 'cept the triggers and the gameplay! Great 3on3com.

City of Adun (92x92) (MS) (by J.Mac)
A single player map with nice triggers. Your mission is to annihilate the Zerg! Easier said than done? Prove it, and kick some.

Axis and Allies (256x256) (MS) (by PowerPimp)
A very cool map, taken from the classic board game, Axis and Allies! It is a replica of the world, and the goal is still the same... Take Over The WORLD!!

The Underdogs (256x256) (MS) (by Seidule)
You and your 2 friends are caught in the middle of the mountains, with nothing around but the enemy. Hold out and protect your base. Get this.

RIOT! (128x128) (M) (by ...Z...)
Originally called '4vs4riot', this map should be called Central Conflict. This map is pretty basic, just survive.

Endangered Earth (256x256) (M) (by BIO SC)
Wonderful details, gameplay, and whatever else I missed. Get it TODAY! _________________________________________

WiCkED PaINtBaLl (96x96) (SPEC) (by Edge*C*R|)
Good ole PAINTBALL!!!


End Time War (256x256) (M)
A great eight player territorial level. There is only one way into your jungle-surrounded base. Great level, get it.

Hunters -Mucho Money v2.0
Hunters [Whit Mucho Money]
Hunters (Money Version)
These are the types of "mucho money" levels I have for the level "The Hunters". Soon, I can make a page for "Mucho" levels!

Nuclear War v1.0 (SPEC)
In this map, you get nuke after nuke action. It is a small map, divided into 4 parts(recommended 1-4, or 8 players). Basically, you get straight to the fighting part!

Predator (128x128) (M)
You're stuck on an jungle filled island with four of your worst enemies. The five of you fight until someone shows someone who's the boss!

Scourge of the Hand (RPG) (256x256)
This RPG lets you pick almost any unit you want, to go kill the enemies on the planet you've crashed on. Best RPG if played on Battle.Net. It isnt much 'my thing', but give it a try!!

Level Two
Level Three
Level Four
Level Five (all by Spekio)
The Controllers is a five level Brood Wars Protoss Campaign. It's about a Protoss hero named Sentrant trying to rid Kaled III from the Terrans. This story takes place shortly after the UED take control of the Overmind.

The Empire Approaches (by Nightwind_Kain)
This is a sent level. This level kicks~~~! Play it Already!

Close Quarters II
Close Quarters III (both by "Max Eckmann")
Wow. This is a new, interesting idea!! YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT!! DOWNLOAD IT!! You will find this "interesting" too. This is different.

Star Wars(by ?I have no idea?)
Where the hell did this come from? Anyway, it's probably a level that was renamed or something.

Tundratia(by Seidule)
My latest, could be greatest, creation. A MUST CHECK OUT!! For BroodWars, a freaky... Ahhh.... Just GET IT. It is Awesome. If you dont agree, mail me, because you will find yourself *not* mailing me for this reason. It's great.

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